We welcome you to join the APKAS team and take part in the study of northern Kythera.  You can do this by asking questions or making comments about our work.  In the future we hope to have an interactive page for that on this website.  At present you should simply send a message to Timothy Gregory, at

We would especially appreciate information about traditional life in northern Kythera, stories about the villages, churches, cemeteries, roads, and daily life frobhm the past.  As you can see from this website, information of this sort is especially important for APKAS and we can really use your help.

Members of APKAS are always happy to provide you with further information about the project and any information we have about northern Kythera.  We have given many lectures and other public presentation in the past and would be happy to try to arrange to provide such a presentation for your organization or group.

In addition, we would always welcome any financial support you might be willing to provide.  APKAS is a purely academic undertaking and we receive no financial backing from any government or other official body.  All of our expenses must be covered by grants and contributions by individuals.  Contributions will normally be fully tax deductible and can be arranged by contacting Timothy Gregory at the e-mail address above.