Australian-Kytherian Community

The Australian Paliochora Archaeological Survey is of considerable significance to the large Australian-Greek community, many of whom are descended from Kythera.  Though Kythera has sites of greater antiquity, none are more important to modern Kytherians than Paliochora.  Many family names from the island can be traced back to the time when Paliochora existed as a thriving centre.  Several of the villages in the vicinity of Paliochora (e.g., Zaglanikianika, Melitianika, Trifyllianika) are nearly deserted today, since most of their inhabitants have moved to Australia. Nevertheless, Australian Kytherians have maintained their connections among themselves and with their island ancestry.

Three of the team members of the project are young Australian Kytherian archaeologists, and these provide an essential link between the research focus of the survey and the Kytherian community in Australia and in Greece. An integral part of the project is to encourage the participation of the Australian and Greek Kytherian communities, and to communicate the results of the project back to those communities. This website is a part of this attempt to develop and maintain connections between the project and Kytherians everywhere.  We invite anyone interested, whether Kytherian or not, to join with us and get more information about APKAS.